How To Get Investors For Your Business Ideas & What You Should Understand About Investors


Getting investors is like an art and to succeed in any art, what you need is the mastery of that art.

If for any reason you say there are no investors around whether in Nigeria, Africa or wherever part of the world you are, then it’s obviously because you have not mastered the art of attracting investors to your business idea; therefore you cannot see them being available.

You need to have knowledge about potential investors and how to get them to invest in your business idea. Probably, the business idea you carry have the potential to spread wide into the global market. You need investors in order to expand, improve and enhance your business.

First of all, who are Investors?

  • Investors are people who allocate capital to business ventures with expectations of returns on the invested capital.

    Where can I find investors?

Investors can be found everywhere, yes all around you. Maybe you don’t know that your boss or rich colleagues at work, uncle, and other successful businessmen close to you are all potential investors. Investors can also be found through various online and offline platforms and companies that connect business owners and investors alike. They connect startup businesses  to investors nationwide or worldwide as the case may be. (carry out a search offline and online to get to find out the one that’ll suit you most)

Basic Investment Tips For Beginner Investors

What You Should Understand About Investors
Understand that investors are businessmen. Investors are not charity driven, they don’t invest in your business expecting nothing in return. They invest for profit! And that makes them businessmen. So, do not be tempted to believe that they are going to finance your business just like that and expect nothing in return. Understand that investors do not invest in just any business idea. This is not just about a good or bad business idea here, it is about areas of interest for investors. One investor may be interested in the agricultural sector while another might be more interested in the ICT. It is important you understand what the investor is interested in.
Also note that investors don’t just invest in anyone and everyone. S/he must be convinced that you know what you’re doing and have the business skills needed to make a business successful.

5 Smart Financial Habits of Successful People

To show you have the skills and seriousness to make the business successful, you must have a clearly written business plan. Having a business plan ready before approaching investors. A business plan ensures that the investors take your deal seriously.

Let your business idea be clearly sketched out on paper in tangible form, DO NOT go about having your business idea just on your mind and expect an investor to invest in an intangible idea s/he cannot fully comprehend.

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