Enough of Scam Ponzi schemes Invest Wisely

Moving from millennial to millionaire

Last year Nigerians witnessed so many scam being perpetrated here by yahoo boys and many who claim to be victims of recession. Many have as a matter of fact lost money to fake ponzi schemes. Money too big to mention. Nigeria has suddenly become a breeding dens for ponzi scheme scam.
Every day, every single minute Ponzi scheme strings out from nowhere and at the end of the day, they scam people. Yes, know ponzi schemes are risky but when a ponzi scheme doesn’t last for 2hrs or fulfill 70% of why it was created then its on a mission to scam.

Just on 14th February another scheme called tawaq.club launched and it is already grazing the pages of online news paper like Nigerians haven’t had enough already. This ponzi scheme has just been launched but let’s be frank it is probably
300% total fraud❌
200% is a complete scam❌
100% will not last more than 3 months ❌

Isn’t this the pattern of every scheme lately?

Concerned citizens and financial institutions had warned against participation in these Ponzi schemes because they are fraud.

Many Nigerians were warned against investing in MMM few months before it became distress and had yet to fully pick up.

Nigerians have been warned by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) not to deposit money in any institution that is not insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

These people always come with very interesting propositions. These are fraudsters who are just out there to collect people’s money and run away as soon as they hit their target. There is no insurance because the NDIC does not even protect them against such risks when they occur.

Be careful of ponzi schemes that come up like they are the best financial investment that will ever happen to you. Stay clear of them.

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Adekemi is a Pastor by calling and Dentist by profession. She is the Co-founder of ‘Komplete Woman’ an organization whose aim is to inspire and mentor young women to discover their purpose early. She is an associate fellow of the Royal commonwealth society. She is passionate about God, writing, poetry and influencing the younger generation to fan the flame of their potential.