Wednesday, June 26, 2019


While Investment Watch, delivers a clear, practical and well researched guidance that helps you make informed decisions; however, 1. The information available through the Site is provided solely for informational and guidance purposes. It is pertinent to note that investments goes with different levels of returns and risks on the other hand therefore, we counsel users to tread cautiously as 2. Investment Watch will not be liable for any loss incurred and every returns or loss is solely the users’. 3. Investment Watch will not be held liable for any investment suggestions or advert placements on our site that brought about loss. 4. Investment Watch DOES NOT collect money from investment platforms to paint them nice before intending investors. However, you can contact us for advert placements for a token. All advertising or sponsored content on Investment Watch is clearly distinguished from editorial content. 5. Investment Watch reserves the right to make changes to this disclaimer at any time. We wish all intending investors the best as they embark on their financial journey.
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