A Complete Guide To An Enjoyable Retirement


Like I pointed out in my earlier publication, many often neglect the future for the now with the anticipation that the future will take care of itself, not knowing that it is only the planned future that takes care of itself.

Take for example, you made your way through school, received your degree and are happy enough to have secured your first full-time job out of school. Probably, you are earning a substantial salary, higher than you have ever earned before and with that comes a rise in disposable income-a lot of TO DOs! Nevertheless, there’s a need to start early enough in planning your future.


Whether you’re retiring at the end of your stipulated work life, by a compulsory termination of service, or just looking towards the road ahead, the most important factor to consider is preparedness.

How prepared are you?

There is a need to plan adequately; especially if you find yourself in Nigeria and by extension, Africa. Many African countries do not have a well managed social security programs for the aged or elderly.


So, the best advice for you if you desire to retire well in Nigeria is to start NOW! Whether you’re just starting out your work life or late already.


One way of ensuring you prepare for your future and life after work(retirement), is by having a savings account mapped out for that. There are dozens of excuses that people use for not saving for retirement, and they all sound good but not better than the fact that they need to save against all odds.

Your life after service deserves attention as much as your life on active service.

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