Monday, September 24, 2018

A Complete Guide to Savings & Investment for Young Investors

Most times, when you relate the subject of savings and investment to the millennials and younger generations, they're like; 'Pleassse! don't bore me with...
7 frugal ways to celebrate your anniversary

7 Frugal Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Anniversaries are lifetime memories and of course it's a big deal, yet you don't have to spend all your resources on anniversaries getting gifts...
4 Simple But Legit Way To Make Money

Money Mistakes You Should Keep Away From

Spending money is way too easy,  money mistakes are easy too. It is so easy that it makes saving it look extremely hard! It...

Valentines Day On A Budget: Have Fun For Less

Valentines Day on a Budget –We can all warm up the chilly month of February with a little love on Valentine’s Day. In fact,...
How your social circles impact your budget

How Your Social Circle Impacts Your Budget

People are social creatures. We tend to mirror those around us. So if you're trying to manage your budget, cut costs, earn more, and generally become more financially...
Best Jobs With Free Accommodation

Best Jobs You Can Get With Free Accommodation

  Are you aware of jobs you can dive into that would also provide free accommodation for you? So as you get a good paying...
Frugal Skills You Should Know

Frugal Skills You Should Know

  There are some frugal skill you can get done yourself without having to spend money on getting them done. A lot of people do...
How to track where your money goes

How To Track Where Your Money Goes

I know you might have the thought that where does your money go? You might even go to the point of thinking that there...
How Women Can Prepare Financially for Divorce

The Need For Frugal Lifestyle

Okay, so frugal lifestyle is about better money management, bargain shopping and creativity, but what does all of that add up to? Can these...
Frugal living

How to Start Living the Frugal Life

  I know you might have lived a lot of lifestyles like spending lavishly, living beyond your means, staying glued to a particular source of...

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Make Money: SeedCapitals, set to give out $1000 and $20

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