Break even, A Recent and Active Scheme


If you desire a balance in your finances, you may need to look twice at break even.

Break even is a recent peer to peer donation platform developed and operational in Nigeria. The break even team is driven with the passion to help participants to break even or balance up their income and expenditure in the harsh economy.

To participate in break even, just like every other scheme you have to complete your step by step registration process after which you proceed to provide help from the listed amounts and the system will match you with two participants to provide donation to you within 48hours! That’s a whooping how many percent return in just 2days, I am sure you can calculate the increase. But be sure to provide donation after your benefit and also possibly invite people to keep the system running.

Break even rewards 5% referral bonus on every donation of your downline, so to reap more you have to invite more.

The break even team are working on the use of Bitcoin alongside cash in the system, but while they do that, you may wish to go ahead and participate with your spare cash.