Block & Coin Summit 2018

Block & Coin will feature thought provoking discussions and presentations about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, disruptive technologies and ICO’s. This two part event aims to educate attendees about blockchain technology and how it will affect their organisations and careers. Delegates will be introduced to wealth generating strategies, taking advantage of the cryptocurrency revolution.

The goal is to educate startups, large organisations and individuals on how to improve systems and operational processes by implementing this new technology. Attendees will also be introduced to the trend shaking the traditional investment industry, the Initial Coin Offering, a new form of capital raising unique to the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

With so much crypto currency speculation making the rounds, it’s increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. Will Bitcoin crash to Zero or will it stabilise after ejecting pure speculators? Is it really a currency or just a social asset? The Block & Coin Summit will answer all of these questions, as well as venturing into the fundamentals of blockchain technology and their various applications beyond crypto-currencies.

Agenda of Block & coin summit

Blockchain 101

Demystifying cryptocurrency and learning the essentials of bitcoin technology, including its development and adoption worldwide

Mining Wealth

Creating wealth by taking advantage of the cryptocurrency revolution and how digital currencies can succeed in Africa

Crypto Profits

Learn how to identify a profitable upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and make money from trading, mining and flipping cryptocurrencies for profit

Blockchain Applications

What are the key blockchain applications and how will they work? How do organisations create value from them? And what are the technical, cultural, and commercial challenges they will face?

Ethereum Future

Learn how smart contracts can automate systems and processes, and the potential for blockchain to resolve payments security and fraud in emerging markets.

The New Economy

Banks, insurers and other global companies are abuzz with the opportunities blockchain could bring in terms of how the global economy works and how businesses record transactions.

Blockchain & Insurance

Blockchain is the biggest symbol of the fourth industrial revolution v– mutual distributed ledger technologies will enable innovation and disruptive changes to the insurance business model.

Blockchain Regulation

How do current regulations impact blockchain applications? What are the risks and exploitable loopholes?


Block & Coin Summit 2018

Cape Town
5 MAR. 2018