The Awakening Community, Another Scheme in Operation


It is a known fact that Ponzis and MLM schemes are all over town and new ones spring up almost at per seconds rate every 24hours.

Even though it is always advised that you participate with spare cash, the truth is that there is no spare money as every kobo counts in this economic downturn period.

However, there is a new scheme, promising you a turnover for your money, it is known as ‘The Awakening’. According to them, TA as fondly called by participants, is a community where people willingly help each other freely.

To participate in The Awakening, you have to register with them, then you go ahead to Give Donation (GD)
IN BITCOIN = $20 – $500
IN LOCAL CURRENCY = N10,000 – N300,000
After indicating interest to Make Donation, users will receive a pre-activation link of $10 for donation made in BITCOIN and 20% in Naira.

If you are donating in bitcoin either in TA or any other scheme of your choice, make sure you know much about bitcoin here, so you don’t get swindled and even with your cash also, be CAUTIOUS!