After Graduation What Next?

After Graduation What Next?
After Graduation What Next?

I know quite a lot of you after graduation will be asking themselves this question. Some might find the answer to it and quite a lot might not. Quickly I would like to tell you what’s next after graduation.

So, in solving this question we will be adopting the SWOT analysis, I know you are wondering why? well it’s the perfect answer to the matter of discourse.

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Before you choose the area you want to go into, there’s need to consider your strength. We cannot be vast in the same area, you might be good with business or office work. There’s need to analyze the area you are best fit for.

Can you handle working under a boss? If you dive into business, can you survive over time? What kind of business will you be best at? These and many questions should cross your mind and your answer to them will determine what is most appropriate for you.


What are your weaknesses? Can you handle a tough job or stressful business? If you are such that is bad in calculations and would find it hard to have a business, it’s either you employ someone who’ll be in charge of your calculations or dive into another career entirely.

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What opportunity do you have at hand? If you are fortunate to have an existing family business you also want to go into, there’s no need for you to worry or ask the question, what next? After graduation. But if you are not opportuned to have such, all you have to do is be on the look out for opportunities that might or will come your way.

Do not ignore any opportunity you see, try to make use of any that comes your way.


Maybe you have chosen to go into business, you need to identify the threats in the business you are going into. Will you be able to handle them, would it not make your business collapse? You need to make thorough research about the career you have chosen to go into.

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Any decision you make or take after graduation will go a long way in determining what will become of you in the future. That is why you need to choose well, plan and execute at the appropriate time. What you choose will definitely make or Mar you, make the right choice and take the right step.