9jagold Suffers A CRASH!


9jagold, a scheme that enables it’s participants to buy and sell 9jagold has gone downward sloping, parked or in the right ponzi/MLM register; has CRASHED.

The management of this scheme as usual, refused to take responsibility but instead blamed it to the upcoming December rush. They have the below message publicized to their participants;

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Hello all 9jagold members.
This is a very serious issue that need to be address fast.
Any form of market exist because people buy and people sell daily. If people stop buying on a market, the market will not exist.
I am very disappointed in some of our member who are fleeing from 9jagold because they are afraid of December.
Out of 7000 plus members that were paid  last week,  over 5000 members have choosed not to participate and buy again because DECEMBER is near.
I called some of our big members in this category,  they are all saying that they are no more buying because DECEMBER  is near and 9jagold is TOO OLD and they already have New alternative like alartcoins or goldx some even said their friends have stopped buying since OCTOBER.
If almost every people do not buy, that means 9jagold  will be irrelevant.
Nothing is going to happen to 9jagold,  if we stop this superstitious belief.
And also some people that are complaining in the group are from other cloned platform just to destabilize the platform and our members also fell for the bait by also complaining before the end of 4 working days, all prospect buyers believe we are in crisis  because of what they are seeing in the group.
Units were reversed last week and I told everyone that if your unit was reversed that means you automatically bought units this week, which means you have to wait for
4 working days,  but they all come here to complain that THEY HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR TWO WEEKS.
Some of our former wholesalers are the one encouraging people to  join the  new alternative website, that is why it was easy to convince most of 9jagold members to stop participating in 9jagold and  join the cloned  website because they were MUTUALLY ATTACHED WITH THEM BUT NOT WITH 9JAGOLD ITSELF.
And also the support number did not left the group intentionally,  The WhatsApp crashed,  that is why it shows left automatically and at the same time in all groups.
If we do not stop panicking and running away because of November and December superstition. 9jagold market will loose it buying aspect totally,  which means automatic failure because a market can not function without people buying.
Please nothing will happen to 9jagold, if we all keep calm and control ourselves. I believe the future will be bright.

Odeniyi Adekunle


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If you are a participant and have your resources trapped, wipe your tears and move on; if you are an intending participant of 9jagold and desires to hear the truth, the truth is that 9jagold has parked! Like I previously said in the case of MMM, a crashed scheme does not get back to feet and continue operating smoothly atleast not with the same name and brand.

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