5 Reasons Agriculture is the Biggest Business Opportunity in Africa



In a continent like Africa and with the situation of things therein one would agree with me that agriculture is the biggest business opportunity any African can lay hands on.

A lot of people see agriculture as a job for the poor or the illiterate and they have for many years carry this mentality with them that agriculture is a dirty man’s job and not a job for the elites.

In Nigeria, for example where the economy has been solely dependant on oil money, majorly all the youths want a white collar job, however a time will come when everyone will abandon agriculture, by then oil money will no longer be sufficient for all.

Here are the reasons agriculture is the biggest business opportunity in Africa;

Why you should get involved in Agribusiness

1. High Level of Poverty
As we know, majorly all the countries in Africa are battling with poverty, lots of homes can barely afford a square meal, however if they can dive into agriculture, even though its just sustenance farming, they will be able to get their primary needs and if they work hard they can get their secondary needs as well.

2. Easy to Practise
There’s no form of Agriculture that is difficult or hard to practise. It is very simple to practise. All you need is little knowledge on how to go about it, get the implements needed and a farmland, it could even be at the back of your house. All you have to do is sow and wait for harvest period.

Nevertheless, we have schools that teach agriculture or have agric-related courses, however it is not until you go to these schools before you can go into agribusiness. You can also go through online videos or articles that treat or shed light on the kind of agriculture you want to go into.

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3. Access to land
Africa countries are blessed with fertile lands, it is not until you give the lands special treatment before you plant on it, unless you want to plant special crops that will require a different kind of treatment.

4. Unemployment Rate
According to a report by Acet for Africa about 50% youths are unemployed. This percentage is increasing everyday likewise job opportunities are reducing everyday. The only available job opportunity that anyone can go into is agriculture as no special connection is needed all you need is the knowledge.

If youths can go into agriculture, it will not only better their lives, it will also help to boost the nations economy and unemployment rate will be reduced.

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5. High Demand of Agricultural Produce
As agriculture serves as a means of feeding the nation, some of its produce are used for raw materials in big companies. They extract these raw materials and use it to produce different products.

Example is cocoa, it is used for making chocolates and other beverages. Companies that are into this kind of product demand lots of cocoa from cocoa farmers. Mostly all the products out there are made from farm produce, other examples are; cotton for clothing materials, tree for books, gum and rubber from banana trees.

Agriculture is a very lucrative job and it does not require lots of capital. A time is coming when every home will have farms at the back of their house and everyone will have no option than to go back to farming.

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