4 Money Hacks That’ll Increase Your Finances You Need To Know


Time after time, we set out and map out ways to ensure we have the money to meet up with our financial needs. The truth is that, there are some easy to do day to day things we can do to ensure that we don’t keep spending unnecessarily and looking for more cash.

Here are four straight-to-the-point handful of vivid money hack pointers that will aid you to better your financial life when applied with care.

Wait till the price drops

I understand the triggers and rush hour butterflies that stimulates someone to go for a new gadget or accessory when it just got launched into the market; if only you can wait a little bit for the rush hour and triggers to calm down a bit, you will realize how you can still own that your desired gadget while having some money left in your pocket.

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Learn to repair and do things yourself

Having a tube of glue to always fix your shoes, accessories and other properties can save you a lot than always taking them to a repairer. Yes, I know it is a good idea to patronize them so they don’t go out of market and starve their bellies; the emphasis here is not making it a constant habit. You can do your pedicure, manicure  and even do those paintings yourself than paying for it with the little money you coughed out. Some people are so used to always needing someone else to fix one thing or the other for them that they don’t have any money left to save for themselves. Online DIYs (Do It Yourself) have really helped me alot to learn how to do alot of things myself. You can go online and read articles, also watch video tutorials to be more practical on how to do some basic things yourself and try them out. You save more on cash when you can do simple and basic needs.

Cook (most of) your meal yourself

Have you ever notice that the money you spend to eat a plate of food especially in some places will be enough for you to cook a pot of same meal at home; so why the waste? A waste I mean especially to those who are biting off more than they can chew by so doing. As you eat out or order ready made foods from restaurants, so also does it eat into your finances. If you are interested to save more and increase your finances, it is best and even more healthy prepare most of your meals yourself.

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Cut down on the cost of utility bills

If you’re in Nigeria, I understand your plight for paying for bills you hardly make use of. But you can do yourself some good by keeping your environment clean to avoid being billed extra by environmental and sanitation agencies; you can switch off your lights and those appliances that does not need to be on power while not in use in order to cut down your electricity bilcan

Was this helpful? Which other money hack(s) do you know to suggest?

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