3 Reasons You Should Be Self-Employed

3 Reasons You Should Be Self-Employed
3 Reasons You Should Be Self-Employed

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in working for someone as this will not only serve as a benchmark for your career, it would also make you gather enough cash for your business.

No matter how bad your job is, there’s no how you would not learn a thing or two that would be of great benefit to you when you start up your own company or business.

However, there are three reasons you should be self-employed:

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1. Self Reliant/Dependant/Respect

Some of us need to be self-dependant before we can make it in life. When you know that your future and your children’s future is in your hands, automatically you’ll know that you need to put a little extra in your effort.

No boss or salary will decide for you how much you should spend per day, week or month. Your spendings or expenditures will be determined by your earnings. You’ll get to be the determinant of the money in your pocket, no more “whether or not the boss makes sales, the servant will be paid in full”.

2. Financial Freedom

Nothing can be compared to being financially free. When you are financially free, there’s no limit to when you will get paid for working for someone, there would be no limitations to how you spend your money or what you spend it on.

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3. Time Management

The third reason you should be self-employed is time management. When you work for someone, you wouldn’t have time for other things, like side hustle, yourself or families. When you are self-employed you can map out your timetable yourself.

You will get to decide when to be free or working. If there’s need to take time off, you’ll get to decide that for yourself.

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Before you quit your job to start a business of your own, you need to be fully ready, “Ready” here does not only refer to capital but also to your know-how.

You can seek help from others who are experienced in what you intend to go into. Make sure you gather enough knowledge needed before starting your own business.

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